Current available servers

Server 2 is finally being released today.

As you can see from the image, my HQ levels represent the order of server availability. Server 5 was the first to open.


Region 1

Region 1 opened a few days ago and I decided not to join at the time as playing 3 characters already takes up a lot of time. But with (hopefully) a server merge on the cards I gave up the ghost and started a couple of hours ago.

I’ve managed to get to within the top 60 players in just 4 hours of playing time, not to gloat or anything but they’ve had 2 days on me 😎

Equipment System

In the last update we were given a new equipment System, it definitely adds a new pay to win method, but you can get by as a free to play player. Some free blueprints can be obtained from attacking the various scylla enemies, and occasionally the rare blueprints can be obtained from events.

You can also purchase enhancement material to increase each items power, you can also get enhancement material for free by purchasing it from the alliance store.

With this update we also saw a profile overhaul, adding the new equipment System info to our profiles as well as a new zone rank, and a few other stats.